This one really snuck up on me! I’m not ready for it and i need to get through some orders but i barely have any free time!!!!

Anyways, here’s my lineup i’m bringing, don’t know if i’ll be wearing all of them and when XD I still have OL to finish and blah. Driving to atlanta by myself ;-; so i can bring all the big costumes and props i want. plus side i guess

And yes. secret cosplay i can’t wait. one big reason why i’ve been quiet this whole time.

Hope to see you guys there! I am not selling this is a cosplay con.

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    Leaving for dragoncon sometime today XD i still have to pack Adding Doctor so i can be doctors again with Hythe
  2. cavalier-crisis said: I hope I get to see your Pixie!!
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    Can’t wait to see pics of your Gertrude Yorkes cosplay! They’re always awesome. :)
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