Inner scouts detailings done. I just have to put on their hair….omg….Otakon is going to be the death of me…..basically spent the entire day getting these four done. I still have moon and the outers….

Ota prep work… Getting very close to the events so I hope I can get everything done in time. i’ll probably post a map of my location maybe this weekend. These are with the sailor scouts look like before I put details on them

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Still doing prep work but I managed to finish Jupiter prototype! A lot of u guys were suggesting her so I hope I did u proud!


Sailor mercury!!! Trying to get the hang of these designs. The skirts take the longest. I’m hoping I won’t have to work much after this week. The no ac there has been killing me… ideally, I would like to have majority of the scouts done for Otakon.

Which scout would u like most out of curiosity?

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Out of curiosity, how do you go about making your plushies? Like experimenting with patterns, and figuring out what kind of materials to use and such?

Well! I think you’re referring to the people plushies. It took me about a year to figure out the base pattern of it! I couldn’t get a shape of the people plush i liked and wanted to make sure it stood out from others. So i just decided to not rush it till i was happy. Once i got the base pattern it allowed me to explore different patterns :)

How i figure out pattern pieces i basically cut out a piece of fabric and kinda cut away at it till it looks right when its sitting on the base body. I then explored very basic hair and clothing patterns. and continued to experiment with the different pieces. Sometimes i go through a lot of material if i can’t get the right piece, but once i figure out the pattern i can replicate them a lot more and faster.

I used to do livestream sessions of my workshop, i don’t know if anyone would be interested if i bring those back.

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Finally a sailor scout is finished!!!! I need to figure out a faster way to get these done…but I hope now that I have the pattern figured out it will go faster.

I wanted the two of them to have very different colors blonde. I wanted serenity to look like a mythical moon goddess like she was. I luckily had the right colors!

Now onto the next sailor scout!

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Princess Serenity plush!!!

A long time coming…but I’m starting on my sailor moon plushies!!!! I will have them for Otakon booth! Will most likely put them up for preorder.

Man this thing is detailed….even more so then my normal plushies…she even as ribbon and trim on her dress. I wanted to make sure it was right!!! Next the sailor scouts :3

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How much do you think you would charge for a Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter Plushie?

They would start off the base price of $40 each plus shipping. Message me off anon and I can give more details if u are interested.

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Last of my old commissions. So the first time in a while I will have an empty queue soon excluding the fall commissions. I still have some human commission slots available!

Haldir order from etsy

First time making this guy, hopefully not the last. Phew his armor was a doozy!