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So I knew Adam Brown was going to be at Dragon*con. Early last spring, Adam Brown actually saw pictures of my Lady Ori cosplay on twitter (thank you MiddleEarthNews for tweeting him!) and had loved them. I was so busy getting my big kaiju cosplay together, I didn’t have the spare energy to freak out about meeting Adam Brown at the con. That was until An Evening in Bree. 

I’d heard that the guests would be announcing the costume contest at an Evening in Bree (which is the big friday night Tolkien party, for all you non-dragon*con folks, and also the BEST cosplay hotspot of the con imo) so I decided to sign up for the contest. Bree was where I debuted Ori last year, and met so many amazing people, so I have a ton of great memories of the night! So many of my friends were there, and I was so nervous that the rumor wasn’t true and the actors weren’t going to show up until radiorcrist ran up to me and was like DID YOU SEE ADAM IS HERE. Adam Brown, Jed Brophy and Craig Parker were all there! I was in line for the costume contest next to my friend thranduart, who was freaking out about his own new costume, and I was freaking out about Adam Brown, and we were just generally all really freaking out!!

When there were about three more people before I got called in front, I saw Adam see me. I think I gave him like a really doofy wave. So I knew he’d seen the Ori cosplay. 

When it was my turn to walk in front of everyone, I will never forget Adam Brown saying (in the most adorable voice anyone has ever had) “I’m so excited about this next costume because I’ve seen it before! On the internet!” He read the little blurb I’d written about my costume, I did some dumb poses with my book and slingshot and I think I might have blacked out a little bit and the next thing I know, I’m turning around, and adAM BROWN HAS JUMPED OFF THE STAGE????!!!!!!

Adam Brown jumped off the stage in the middle of the costume contest to give me a hug. He told me I looked great, I don’t remember if I made words, and then when I walked over to the judges’ table I remember Adam Brown saying very sassily into the microphone, to the thunderous applause of all my friends, “That’s how Ori should've looked!”

After the contest was over, I hung around a little bit, and my friend Berg of celticruinsdesigns asked Adam and I for a picture, and Adam was immediately like “Oh yes, get one on my phone too!” We talked for a little bit, I think I blurted about how nice it was to meet him and maybe told him about the beard application tips Graham McTavish had given me last year, and how I made the costume. As we parted ways, he told me that I made Ori look good.

Over the course of the weekend, I tried to visit their table as often as I could. All the guests were unbelievably nice - Craig Parker was very enthusiastic about my kaiju cosplay, and their handlers all got pictures of it. Their panels were all amazing, and apparently Adam Brown mentioned me at the final Monday panel (PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS A VIDEO OF IT) At the end of the weekend when I popped by to say goodbye (which feels dumb, like I’m just a dumb nerd, but I just want these wonderful guests to have a good con) Adam said how nice it was to meet me, and to keep the Ori spirit alive!


Adam Brown truly is a precious gift to us all. He is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful man and he should be loved and cherished and treasured. 

I wish i had known you were at Dcon! I would’ve loved to done some adventures with you! But this story…i was tearing up when i was reading this! This made my night! And i just love the hobbit/tolkien actors. They are just too precious for the world!

I hope we can be femdwarves together at some part and give the elves some hell! :D

You are too precious!

Going to be at Cinci Expo this weekend! Last event of my long endless conventions in a row till youmacon. Thank god. I need a break. I’m barely scrounging up some inventory for this event. But if you are in the area! Feel free to stop by my booth! I have a corner booth which i’m super excited about!

Mother of Dragons Solo Edition

I love everything about these photos! Solo looks awesome and regal! Courtoon’s costume is so pretty! Mistry did a fantastic job on the photo! I just came across a photoset done by my friends during Colossal weekend! I just let my friends borrow the dragons for the whole weekend, did not realize that they were all switching costumes as well. Makes me incredibly happy to see the collaboration in this photo.

I’m hoping to work more on dragons and orders once i get done with the cinci expo this weekend. I have a decent break (for once) before Youmacon.

Cosplay worn by Solo Grayson
Cosplay made by Courtoon
Photo by Kyle Mistry
Dragons by Me


I finally got the outfit to a presentable cosplay. Wish i had my hair done better. But i was in love with how powerful it made me feel with all the faux fur color and viking-like braids.

Someone actually did think i was a viking but for the hour that i wore it at con i got a great reception for it. Will wear it again, especially for the last movie!

you’ll have to forgive me for how tired I look. lol i’m still very tired.
Taken at Midoricon by Rowen of Bangarang Cosplay

Figuring out Rocket, I just want to fiddle a bit more with the head pattern. But pleased with everything else :3 I will have to put him next to groot! Rocket is a lot smaller then the normal pattern and groot is a lot bigger lol should be a great contrast

In the midst of some inventory prep i’m trying to get something new out fo cinci comic con. I only have little under two weeks. And yes I’m making a Rocket Raccoon to go with my Groot X3

I am having trouble deciding which eyes to goo for, should i go for the bigger eyes or smaller ones?

Anonymous inquired:

Hi, I was just wondering if you were planning on opening commissions anytime soon?

Hello! Well, I’ve been SUPER busy lately…I’ve hit the 4 conventions in a row this past month. And I’m planning on hitting up Cincinnati Comic Expo here soon! Busy busy busy…

The last time I opened up commissions they were in July but I told everyone I will be able to work on them here in the fall. I’m hoping i can open them back up before Xmas, but i usually get a lot of orders on etsy and so it may clog up my time.

I will most definitely announce the openings on here and on FB page. They are first come first serve tho and sadly can’t hold spots for anyone. So just keep an eye out for the openings!

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We’re off to Atlanta for Dragon Con, so enjoy some photos taken at last years convention for a Throwback Thursday!

Make sure to follow Judy (@Omg_DJ_Judy) for all the action from this year!

O wow!!! So thankful to make this list again! I am honored! I’m bringing old lace and Gertrude again this year but I also have Spiderverse gwen stacy so I don’t know if that is eligible for marvel meet up!



Sorry u can blame me. I made and gave them the plushies! But I made a screeching sound seeing ur drawings. So cuuuuutttteeee!!!

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Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

These are my plushies i gave them! :D This is the first time I’ve seen them made into gifs…*sniffs* i’m so happy! I’m glad they had fun and used them for such a good cause!!!

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